Airport Advertising Drives Sales for National Brands and Local Business

With a moving and ever-evolving environment up for offer, airports are quickly becoming a hub for creative and innovative advertising campaigns.

In fact, a recent Nielsen study indicates that nearly 60% of business and leisure travellers believe that advertising in airports is an indicator of high-quality brands and products.

A place where people have time to look, read, wait, work and play – airports provide opportunity for interactive brand activations and a platform to create significant brand awareness. More than 75% of leisure and business travellers surveyed indicated that they noticed digital advertising within the airport!

With coveted target audiences such as affluent frequent flyers and key business decision makers choosing to use regional airports as a more direct route of travel, its clear to see why national brands and local businesses alike are including airport advertising as a medium within their marketing mix.

A whopping third of the participants interviewed by Nielsen confirmed that they had taken action; choosing to visit a website or use an app to seek more information regarding products or services they had seen advertised at the airport.

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Airport Advertising Drives Sales


Source: Nielsen 2017 Airport Insights study.


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