How Airport Advertising Increases International Brand Presence

Nowadays, airport advertising has become a common feature around the world. According to this Nielsen study, airport advertising has resulted in higher sales and better brand exposure for companies – clearly something worth exploring for any business! In this post, we look at the benefits of airport advertising, and the impact it can have on your brand internationally.

Airports Increase the Scope of Your Target Audience

Airports are a melting pot of diverse nationalities, cultures, and social backgrounds. This makes airports the perfect location to reach not only your target audience, but grow it too. It also presents an excellent opportunity to test campaigns before advertising in other places. Airports receive huge levels of foot traffic throughout the day and once these travellers have seen your advertising, there’s no telling where they’ll end up taking your branding and message with them. When you advertise to jetsetters, there’s always the possibility they’ll search for your product when they land, affecting web search trends across the globe!

Airports Are Home to Receptive Audiences

Nowadays, it’s hard to grab people’s attention. On average, airport passengers spend more than 50 minutes in an airport. With advertising formats available throughout the terminal, this provides plenty of time to deliver your message. A staggering third of the participants interviewed by Nielsen confirmed that they had taken action; choosing to visit a website or use an app to seek more information regarding products or services they had seen advertised at the airport.

In fact, the Centre for Aviation found that 55% of C-suite passengers even arrive early with the purpose of browsing in the airport!

Airports Provide Multiple Advertising Options

Airports provide many platforms to advertise your brand, like digital signage, video walls, bagbelt displays, banners and more. These are hard to miss, even when travellers are in a rush. Digital signage, in particular, allows the versality to cycle through multiple pieces of creative or brand messaging.
92% of passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status. Consequently, businesses of all sizes are realising the impact that an airport advertising campaign can bring.
Whether you’re a global brand or a local one that has big plans, airports provide an excellent option. No other space provides such a diversity of audience in such a receptive state.

Enquire with Bishopp for Airport Advertising

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to airport advertising. Luckily, the Bishopp team is here to help! Bishopp Airport Advertising is available in over 18 airport locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We offer a range of digital signage solutions, suitable for large and small businesses alike. Our team of airport advertising specialists will tailor a campaign to you and your business. Want to learn more? Get in touch.

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