Airport Advertising Proven to Bring in Big Business

If you’re looking to expand your brand awareness to both a domestic and international audience, airport advertising is the way to reach high-profile decision makers.

A study by Airport Advertising Media based in London found compelling results on airport advertising, and passenger recall and reaction to branding.

The study found that 92% of passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status, while 91% agree that brands benefit from advertising in airports.

Airport terminals are a high traffic area for business decision makers, CEOs and business owners, with frequent business travel both domestic and internationally. This study found that these decision makers are attuned to information displayed in this environment.

92% of business travellers said they would respond to an airport advertisement, while 53% said they would visit the advertiser’s website and almost half would conduct search online after seeing an ad. As regular users, over a third would make use social media to search or respond to an advertisement they saw in the airport. This numbers paint a positive picture around how potential customers see and engage with advertising in the airport location.

The content of airport advertising was also analysed from the perspective of passengers’ expectations and previous experiences, concluding that:

  • 67% expect to see international brands at the airport
  • 60% of business travellers agree that airports are the most effective place to advertise International B2B brands.

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