Bishopp Partners with Proserpine Airport

Bishopp is excited to partner again with Proserpine Airport to deliver a world-class advertising program at the Gateway to the Whitsundays. Bishopp successfully tendered to continue the current program in the Airport with a revitalised indoor and outdoor advertising offering.

The Airport, which attracts over 350,000 passengers annually, is currently undergoing a $40 million upgrade. The expansion seeks to double the size of the departure lounge, baggage claim and arrivals areas, provide an additional departure gate and deliver an expanded security screening area.

The runway upgrade and terminal expansion will ensure visitors enjoy a positive experience when transiting and is a mark of significant growth to the region.

Bishopp is scheduled to install a Landmark Touchdown LED display in the newly expanded baggage claim area. Set to be over 7 metres wide, the premium display will be exposed to 100% of arriving passengers and advertisers may choose to feature either static or animated creative-content. A network of other digital assets and classic displays will also be deployed throughout the terminal to meet the diverse needs of local and national advertisers alike.

The launch of these new assets is planned to coincide with the completion of the new terminal. To find out more about the new advertising program, get in touch.


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