Get Ready for the Christmas Rush with Airport Advertising

The festive season brings with it the busiest travel period for many airports in Australia and New Zealand. Between December to January last year, Air New Zealand operated 2.2 million seats during the peak summer period. This gives airport advertisements a unique advantage, putting brands in front of huge audiences as people are hustling and bustling about to celebrate the holiday period.

But how do you make the most out of your airport advertising during this holiday travelling rush? Check out our holiday airport advertising guide below!

Get creative with Christmas ads

Keep the magic of Christmas alive with creative ads that are sure to turn heads! The holiday season is the best time to go to town with classic, digital, or bespoke ads – from sparkly special effects and elaborate short videos that tell stories to grand floor exhibits and specialty displays. Santa’s helpers, snow, all things glittered and gold – there’s plenty of opportunity to get your marketing strategy into the Christmas spirit.

Keep gifting in everyone’s minds

Everyone’s already thinking about what presents to buy for their loved ones, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them anyway. Featuring limited-edition products and services that make great gifts under the tree or stocking fillers will have passengers flocking to your store or checking out your website online. Everyone has that one person in their list that’s hard to gift for, and a well-placed airport ad could nudge them in the right direction.

Incorporate familiar holiday themes

From Christmas trees, Santa hats, stockings, ribbons, gifts, jingle bells, classic red, gold and green colour palettes, to adorable animals playing in the snow (or in sand), make sure to incorporate familiar holiday themes into your airport advertising campaigns so your ads are relevant and in-season. These elements also create a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, allowing customers to create an almost instantaneous connection as they experience your ad and warm to your brand.

Advertise your best promotions

This might come as a no-brainer for most, but it pays to say that it’s best practice to have your promotions, sales and deals front and centre. Everyone is looking for a good deal around the holiday season, owing to the facts that one, the holidays aren’t the cheapest time of the year and two, there’s plenty of people to buy gifts for. Hook flyers in with your best deals and create offers they can’t resist!

Is your Airport Advertising strategy ready to crush the Christmas rush?

If you want tailored, targeted airport advertising solutions so you can crush the holiday rush, the team at Bishopp is here to help.

Get in touch to chat about making the most of advertising during the holiday season.

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