How to Advertise Your Business at the Airport

Airport advertising is one of the most underrated (and underutilised) forms of marketing right now. It is cost-effective and can reach people where other mediums cannot. There are many types of airport advertising
available from classic advertising including airport wall wraps and digital options such as video walls.
Utilising airport advertising can allow brands to differentiate themselves and cut through the noise where marketing messages are likely to be heard. Find out what options are available for your business and how you can get started with Bishopp Airport Advertising.

Why advertise at the airport?

The landscape of an airport is very different from other areas, which is why it is such a lucrative opportunity for brands to advertise in. Airports are often crowded and busy for many parts of the year. The people who are often found in airports can range widely from their age, ethnic background and travel purposes. Whether you are targeting parents, business travellers or international travellers, there is an opportunity for you to target people with marketing when they are most open to it.

How to advertise at the airport?

While 92 per cent of passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status, how can you successfully market your business to airport travellers? Airports are unique in how they have a hyper-targeted audience. People who are in airports often have their guard down because they are thinking about their upcoming trip. Statistics have shown people are already in their brainstorming phases of their next trip which is why it can be vital for travel vendors to promote their fares.

With any form of advertising, it is important to understand who you want to target and how to be creative in your marketing messages and efforts. The team at Bishopp have over 300 years of combined advertising experience to help you formulate the right messages for your target market.

What options are available for airport advertising?

If this is your first time advertising at an airport, you may not be fully aware of all of the advertising formats which are available to you. You can look at three types of options: classic options, digital networks, or bespoke airport advertising options.

Make an impact with Classic Airport Advertising. These include wall wraps, airport trolleys, and bathroom signs among many other classic options.

Digital Advertising Networks can be used for advertising such as video walls or an LCD display. Digital is often very eye-catching for travellers and can help you immediately grab attention. We can advertise your brand across 18 airport locations.

Bespoke Airport Advertising is an excellent option if you want to really differentiate your offering. Examples of Bespoke Airport Advertising include floor exhibits, display cabinets and 3D displays.

To find out more about which airport advertising option may be right for you, contact the Bishopp Airport Advertising team for a consultation.

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