Hamilton Airport Advertising

Hamilton Airport is the gateway to the greater Waikato region, welcoming more than 414,000 passengers annually. As a result, the airport environment is ideal for generating interest and consideration for a brand or product, making it an effective advertising platform to drive sales.

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Using Bishopp Billboard’s 18 airport advertising assets within Hamilton Airport is an excellent way for businesses to reach more customers, increase brand recognition and consideration, and ultimately drive sales. Here are some of the benefits of using Bishopp Billboard’s airport advertising assets in Hamilton Airport:

  • Reach a captive audience: Airports are busy places where passengers spend considerable time waiting for their flights. By advertising at Hamilton Airport, businesses can reach a captive audience with their advertising messages.
  • Target specific demographics: Advertisers can target specific demographics at the airport, such as business or leisure travellers, by placing their ads in strategic locations.
  • Increase brand recognition: Airport advertising allows businesses to reach a large and diverse audience, which can increase brand recognition and awareness.
  • Generate interest and consideration: Airport advertising can generate interest and consideration for a brand or product, as passengers have more free time to explore new products and services while waiting for their flights.
  • High frequency and visibility: Advertising assets within Hamilton Airport provide high frequency and visibility as passengers are likely to pass by the same ads multiple times while waiting for their flights or while walking through the airport.
  • Stand out from competitors: Using airport advertising can help businesses stand out from their competitors by placing their brand and message in front of a captive and receptive audience.

With flights arriving from and departing to destinations such as Palmerston North, Christchurch, Wellington and Gisborne, the airport services a wide range of travellers including those flying for business and leisure. In addition, regional events such as Field Days attract thousands of visitors to the region every year. With plans to expand and redevelop the terminal and facilities, Hamilton Airport hopes to host more conferences and businesses on-site.

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