4 Tips for effective outdoor advertising

A creatively-driven, strategic campaign of sharable content is certainly the aim for an effective outdoor advertising campaign. So, while choosing the perfect location for your outdoor campaign, you need to ensure that your message stands out. Here are 4 tips to help you get the results you are looking for with your outdoor advertising dollar.

1. Make your campaign shareable

To really stand out from the competition you need to make sure you are making an impact and your advertisement is sharable. Consider bold marketing strategies with creative digitals, experiential advertising and, with the right mix, your outdoor advertising will be shared on social media. This is a great way to increase reach and engagement with your target audience. If people are willing to talk about and share with others what they have seen, then your advertising generates organic growth for your brand.

2. Consider your location with your objective

If your business is tucked away or difficult for people to find, then potentially a geographically specific billboard with a directional message is for you. If your objective is brand awareness and reach, then consider a rotational billboard campaign where your message rotates to multiple locations for maximum exposure. It’s important to consider both your artwork and the location when designing your Out of Home campaign!

3. Analyse your competition

Before you even begin, you should consider your direct competitors. What are your competitors doing in the same space? Visit their social media sites, see what content is being talked about and shared. Have they integrated their campaigns across various mediums? What does your audience like? What is resonating with consumers? By analysing your competition, your team can devise a strategic campaign, appealing to your audience’s core values. When looking at your campaign, ask yourself – Is your message clear? Is your creative visual enough to turn heads? Will your audience be engaged enough to share or talk about what they have seen?

4. Keep it simple

Outdoor advertising needs a sense of simplicity in that the information needs to be absorbed quickly. Your audience may only have a brief moment to take in your message, so keep your text as limited as possible. Images should tell the story and grab the attention of your customer. Imagery that creatively communicates the core message will also have more chance of being shared and talked about. On point branding, short, simple messaging and consistency across other media channels will combine to create a campaign that gives you the best return on your investment.

If you take on board the above tips for effective use of outdoor advertising, you can make a great addition to your marketing strategy. Have you considered your next Billboard campaign?
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