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Bishopp commenced operation in 1993, and as the years have progressed, Bishopp has evolved into Australia’s leading regional out-of-home advertising company. Now employing more than 60 staff, holding relationships with over 400 property owners and helping promote over 1100 businesses yearly; Bishopp is truly an Australia-New Zealand success story.

The business has a total of 2500+ assets across Australia and New Zealand, including 24 airports. Bishopp acquired Interspace Airport Advertising in 2017, a company that had been active in the New Zealand market since 2005 and was well-known for their expertise in the industry.

Bishopp’s billboard constructions team engineers top-tier inventory, new technologies and a highly-efficient maintenance routine which rank Bishopp’s sites at the top of the market. The Bishopp team is encouraged to inspire, grow and succeed as a collective; maintaining a successful blend of family values within a corporate structure.

With an objective to support, innovate and expand, Bishopp is building abundant businesses within the greater community.

Billboard Assets


Total Advertising Assets

Established in 1993

EST. 1993

30 Years in Operation

Bishopp Australian Airport Advertising Map

13 Airports

Across Australia

Bishopp New Zealand Airport Advertising Map

11 Airports

Across New Zealand

Rotorua Airport Bag Claim Bishopp
Brad Bishopp
CEO and Managing Director
Nick McAlpine
Director of Asset Management

The Executive Team

Brad Bishopp

CEO and Managing Director

He works hard to continually contribute to the Outdoor Media industry; pioneering regional outdoor media developments and expanding opportunities for all, from local to international clientele. Bishopp has held a Queensland membership in the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) for the past 18 years, and Brad has also served on the National Board of the OMA since 2006.

Everyone should know
Brad will fight anyone for the last sausage roll.

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