4 Reasons why dynamic signage will build your brand!

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s not enough to offer up the right product or service and cross your fingers hoping that that consumers will come to you.

Peter Evans-Greenwood, a business consultant blogger, states You must make your business a community hub, lifestyle or a religion… otherwise, you’re simply a commodity.” Evans-Greenwood pinpoints Apple as prime example of how they’ve turned their brand into a lifestyle with an enormous cult-like following. They draw you in not by pushing exclusivity, but inclusiveness.

The use of dynamic or digital signage can help your company reach consumers with more than just product features – it can turn your brand into a lifestyle that has wide appeal. Dynamic signage is modern, inclusive, and it’s a way to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors. From eye-catching digital billboard displays to interactive digital experiences in the built environment, this exposure can extend your brand messaging.

Below are four ways dynamic signage can help create a cult-like following for your brand:

  1. Stand out from the crowd. A key way to move your brand from commodity to lifestyle with a following is to set yourself apart from the competition. Digital signage, with its large format and bright display, has a huge “wow” factor that helps you do just that. It captures people’s attention from a distance and draws them in, creating lasting impact for your brand.
  2. Tell your story. Successful brands don’t just sell products and services – they personalise themselves and make their audience feel included by telling stories that capture their imagination. Widely engaging across all audiences, digital signage enables brands to educate, but to also inspire by showing multiple branding visuals, your brands story, in quick succession.
  3. Customer Engagement. Brands that develop a large following do so by engaging their customers, and this is exactly what digital signage offers. Digital signage can be used to specifically relay real-time content with the ability to be constantly refreshed and updated to engage your customers in many different ways.
  4. The ability to go viral. People want to feel included and love to share the experiences that excite and inspire them. Digital signage offers the opportunity to develop highly unique content and motivates them to want to share with others. By creating stimulating visual content people want to share, you will turn prospective customers into loyal brand enthusiasts.

Bishopp’s range of digital billboards is always widening to include regional Queensland destinations. With the successful launch of our digital billboard in Toowoomba in 2016, our landmark site on Ann Street in Brisbane and a number of applications and approvals in the pipeline for more digital screens, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising is pleased to be able to assist you in your pursuit of brand awareness.

4 reasons billboards can help to build your brand