Advertising Guru Todd Sampson presents Brain Power

On Friday, the 7th of June, 2019, the businesses of the Moreton Bay Region were delighted to be graced with the presence of media personality and sensation Todd Sampson and his keynote presentation, “Brain Power”. As part of a 4 Interactive Lunch Series, Todd Sampson and a panel of 3 Industry Experts, including Bishopp’s very own CEO Brad Bishopp, held the stage and captivated audiences for the 3-hour event.

The Interactive Lunch Series hosted by Business Moreton Bay Region & Tourism (MBRIT) aims to focus on various topics that are major contributors to the Moreton Bay and Surrounding regions, including business and marketing, urban infrastructure and the future of Australian businesses, and even food sustainability and ethical farming.

Our three industry experts started the event with some challenging ideas and views on the way in which we relate to and utilise modern marketing efforts in the year 2019. Brad Bishopp, our CEO, focused his attention on advertising and marketing as being a robust business investment that provides long-term gain very effectively. He also touched on exactly how important it is to have good creative to really resonate with your audience and create a memorable campaign. The panel provided insight and value into traditional and modern marketing techniques for small to large businesses and provided a great introduction to the event’s main draw-card, Todd Sampson.

Todd Sampson was once a well-established name in advertising and business and is now a notable adventurer and documentarian who just so happens to have a particular skill (that he claims isn’t special at all) for helping people make the most out of their lives. Todd is dedicated to uncovering everything there is to know about how we can refine and reimagine human functionality, from how we view the media to how we view science itself to how we view and can challenge our limits as human beings regardless of our age.

Brain Power

Brain Power is a keynote presentation that allows us to challenge the scientific belief that the human brain can be strengthened as we get older instead of watching them become slower, more lethargic and less effective. Todd is a walking example of how ageing has nothing to do with your brain capacity at any given time. He is also an example of how pushing your brain (and your body) to the limits can reinvent your brain to be a much more effective tool.

Todd’s presentation focused  on the principles and methods he’s used to increase his brain power, including:
  • A behind-the-scenes look at his research method and findings
  • Strategies for creating a consistent lifestyle of strengthening your brain
  • Specific tools for exercising different parts of your brain
  • Personal stories about his career as a business owner, program host and mountaineer
  • Unique tips for using creativity to strengthen your brain power

His presentation was undoubtedly inspiring, and we encourage everyone, young or old, to read up on Todd Sampson and Brain Power to help improve your mind and your understanding of the true capabilities of the human being.