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Billboard Skins

Billboards Skins can survive some of the harshest weather conditions allowing your ad to reflect your brand and marketing message for the duration of the campaign.

A billboard skin is the piece of vinyl we print your billboard artwork onto. There are three variations for Billboard skins, and the right one for your campaign will depend on a number of factors. Considerations include the length of the campaign, where the billboard is situated and how many campaign creatives you want to have over the course of the campaign.


Billboard Skin Application

Watch as our technicians change the billboard skin with precision and ease.

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Choose The Right Billboard Skin For Your Campaign

High impact locations, powerful imagery and contextually relevant messaging, Billboards offer boundless opportunities for designing effective advertising campaigns. Get the skin that maximises your creative.


Short Term Billboard Skins

Cost-effective lightweight material with a solvent-based process that provides great visual results. This skin represents excellent value for money and is suitable for short-term campaigns.


Long Term Billboard Skins

This skin is manufactured with a high-grade vinyl substrate and a paint-based print process for longevity. This skin is suitable for multiple installations allowing for greater flexibility and return on investment. Perfect for rotational campaigns.


Reflecto Billboard Skins

Excellent results in low light and night-time situations, Reflectos is engineered to maximise reflected light. Designed for use in areas with a large volume of nocturnal traffic such as highway traffic. A great choice for night traders or retailers looking to maximise visibility.

Reflecto Billboard Skin Advantages

Reflecto adds a new dimension to billboard advertising and is a powerful tool that has recently been made available to the market. Having a Reflecto skin is the next best thing to having an illuminated billboard, allowing a full-colour message to be visible at night. When the face of the billboard is hit by a beam from the headlights of oncoming vehicles, images are brightly illuminated.

This product is an excellent option for those wishing to target the nocturnal market. Ideal for night-time traders or 24-hour retailers, a Reflecto billboard is a unique and unparalleled way to reach the portion of the population that uses the highway systems at night. Restaurants, petrol stations, hotels and convenience stores are just some of the potential businesses that could benefit from a Reflecto billboard. Best suited for permanent, long-term applications, Reflecto can be applied to almost any Bishopp Classic Roadside or Supersite billboard.