Billboards Attributed To Local Butcher’s Success

Local Outdoor Advertising Boosts Revenue

The power of outdoor advertising in Rockhampton cannot be denied. Even in today’s digital age, a well-placed billboard’s impact can significantly affect a business’s success. The success story of Allenstown Square Meats is a perfect example.

The family-owned and locally operated butchery, based in Allenstown, has been in business for over 30 years. Over the years, they have tried various advertising methods to promote their brand. However, it was when they partnered with Bishopp Billboards’ Gladstone account executive, Robert Latoeperissa, that they saw real success.

Billboard Campaign Success Rockhampton – Allenstown Square Meats

Initially, Allenstown Square Meats invested in one billboard on the Burnett Highway at Gracemere. The results were amazing, with a significant increase in turnover. So impressed were they with the impact of the billboard that they decided to invest in a second one at Midgee, south of Rockhampton. With two billboards promoting their brand, the business has seen a turnover above $10,000 per week.

Geoffrey Elliott, the business owner, is expressive in his praise for Bishopp Billboards and their account executive, Robert Latoeperissa. He says, “Our best form of advertising has been the roadside billboards. We are delighted with the exposure and the results it’s brought to our business and cannot thank Bishopp Billboards enough. Our account manager, Robert, has been truly amazing and very professional to deal with.”

Impressive Results With Local Signs

Allenstown Square Meats’ success story is just one example of the power of outdoor advertising within a local area. As businesses look to promote their brands in an increasingly crowded digital world, outdoor advertising provides a unique opportunity to stand out and make an impact. And Bishopp Billboards is a company that has been at the forefront of outdoor advertising in Australia for 30 years.

With various outdoor advertising options available, Bishopp Billboards provides businesses with a platform to reach a broad audience. Whether it’s a giant billboard on a busy highway or a smaller sign in a local area, outdoor advertising can make a real difference to a business’s success. But it’s about more than just the size and placement of the billboard. Creative design and messaging ensure the advertisement resonates with the target audience. And that’s where Bishopp Billboards’ creative team can assist your business.

The success of Allenstown Square Meats is a testament to the power of local outdoor advertising. Contact Bishopp to discuss your campaign objectives.