Ever considered adding airport advertising to your brand’s campaign strategy?

Are you looking to deliver a compelling advertising campaign to a new market? Want to increase brand recognition and consideration? Have you thought of the opportunities that airport advertising may have for your next product launch or campaign? Harnessing the power of airport advertising provides powerful tools for advertisers to reach prospective consumers when they are most alert.

In this article we will explore the effective utilisation of airport advertising in Australia and New Zealand. We will delve into the benefits, impact, and creative possibilities of this advertising approach, as well as its success in delivering compelling marketing campaigns for clients.

Airports are some of the busiest places in the world, with millions passing through them daily. As a result, Bishopp Billboards recognised the potential of airport advertising, which offers a captive audience with high levels of engagement. This captive audience allows advertisers to reach a highly targeted consumer set, tailoring their message to specific demographics.

Airport advertising options are designed to suit various needs. Digital and static billboards, digital screens, and experiential advertising options give advertisers multiple choices to create successful advertising campaigns. Each option can reach a specific demographic, with messaging targeted to maximise brand recall and to encourage action.

Rockhampton Airport Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard Airport Advertising

Digital billboards are an effective way of advertising your brand, service offering or location at the airport. Bishopp Billboards’ digital signs are strategically located throughout the airport, ensuring maximum exposure for your messages. In addition, they offer high visibility and the ability to display dynamic content, enabling advertisers to update content in real time. This flexibility is ideal for time-sensitive promotions or event advertising. Passengers at the airport are constantly on the lookout for informative content – searching for signs leading to the departure and arrival gates, reviewing flight times and scanning their surroundings. Can your next campaign take advantage of this heightened sense of awareness and increase sales, brand consideration and recall?

Digital screens provide a more immersive and interactive experience for passengers. Bishopp Billboards’ digital screens display dynamic content, making this type of advertising is particularly effective at engaging younger audiences, who are often more tech-savvy and receptive to digital content.

Dunedin Airport Bag Belt Billboard Bishopp

Static Airport Advertising Signs

Static billboards are another effective airport advertising option, particularly for brands that want to create a strong visual impact. When you work with Bishopp Billboards, our static airport signage billboards are designed to be eye-catching and memorable, ensuring your brand’s messages stand out in a busy airport environment.

Experiential Advertising in Airports

Experiential advertising is a newer form of airport advertising that is gaining popularity. This type of advertising involves creating an interactive experience for passengers, such as a pop-up store or interactive display. Bishopp Billboards’ experiential advertising campaigns aim to generate a lasting impression through a memorable and engaging experience for passengers, which helps to increase brand awareness, generate positive word-of-mouth, and can be shared on social media.

Airport advertising campaigns have proven successful for many national and international brands – think car manufacturers and luxury goods retailers. But it is not just the big end of town that has experience with successful airport advertising campaigns. Bishopp works with many local tourism operators and small businesses whose airport campaigns have increased foot traffic to their stores, increased sales and heightened brand awareness.

Dunedin Airport Car Wrap Bishopp

Cost-effective Opportunities

Airport advertising is a cost-effective way of advertising. Airports are busy places, and numerous brands are vying for passengers’ attention. This competition can drive down the cost of advertising, making it a more affordable option for brands.

Airport advertising also provides advertisers creative opportunities to create memorable and impactful campaigns. Bishopp Billboards’ airport advertising campaigns are designed to be creative and innovative, offering a range of options to clients. This creative freedom allows advertisers to create unique campaigns that stand out in the crowded airport environment.

Your airport advertising can have a significant influence on consumers. This is because passengers at airports are often in a state of mind where they are more receptive to advertising messages. This mindset can drive brand awareness and influence purchasing decisions.

About Bishopp’s Airport Advertising Opportunities

Bishopp Billboards provides creative and effective advertising solutions across both Australian and New Zealand airports. We are known for our successful airport advertising campaigns featuring local, regional, national and international brands.

Across Australia, Bishopp can help you reach twelve regional airports such as the newly expanded Gold Coast Airport, with more than 520,000+ monthly passengers, and Cairns Airport with 356,000+ monthly passengers and 40 advertising opportunities available. Our smaller airports still pack a punch with Ballina Byron Airport showcasing 133 advertising opportunities to more than 52,000+ monthly passengers.

Across New Zealand, Bishopp’s eleven airports span both islands with the stunning Marlborough Airport welcoming more than 25,000+ passengers each month. Dunedin Airport, the gateway to the South Island, is the 5th busiest airport in New Zealand and sees 850,000+ annual passengers pass through the doors. With 45 advertising assets within the airport, this bustling site provides access to some unbeatable advertising solutions.

Rockhampton Airport Executive Digital Billboard

Why choose an airport advertising campaign to promote your business?

Airport advertising enables brands to reach out to a highly targeted audience, which can effectively reach potential customers. Additionally, airport advertising offers high levels of engagement, as passengers are likelier to notice and remember messages displayed in the airport. 73% of frequent flyers, for example, report that they take the time to read airport messaging, including the advertising collateral located within the terminal. This increased engagement level can generate more significant brand awareness and drive sales, increasing your company’s revenue.

If you are looking for an additional outlet for your next out-of-home advertising campaign, why not consider Airport Advertising with Bishopp? Airports can provide clients with various advantages, creative opportunities, and the ability to influence consumers with the right campaign creative. With our extensive experience and innovative approach, Bishopp will ensure that your company will reach its intended audience efficiently and successfully.

Speak with one of Bishopp’s airport advertising specialists to discuss your campaign options and see if this exposure suits your brand. Contact us today.