How to Design an Effective Billboard

Colourful Digital Billboard Gladston Bishopp

A strategically designed billboard advertisement can provide unlimited opportunities to connect with audiences. Classic and digital billboards are just as important as ever, even with the rise of digital marketing. So, how do you design an effective billboard? It’s as simple as 1, 3, 7, 10!

  • You only need ONE call to action.
  • There are THREE key elements to a great billboard: Text, Image and Logo.
  • Stick to SEVEN words or less. The reality is that people are always on the go, make sure they can read your message in a few seconds.
  • Your logo needs to take up at least TEN percent of the space. Brand recall is key! Make sure audiences know what your logo is and who it represents.

Additionally, our creative team recommends that you use only readable, large fonts to ensure maximum readability. Ditch the phone number and try a custom URL instead! And finally… Don’t be boring! Graphics, colour and mood work in synchronicity to create a memorable out of home advertisement.

As part of Bishopp’s end-to-end solution, our in-house graphic design team are specialists in billboard creative design and will work with you to create effective, visually appealing designs for local, regional and national campaigns. Our creative services range from concept creation through to both strategic and design advice.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the neuro impact factor of outdoor advertising.