Out of Home Advertising is Stronger Than Ever

Out of Home Advertising Billboard by Bishopp

At the start of 2023, Out of Home (OOH) advertising is stronger than ever. In fact, 43% of adults notice OOH ads more now than before the pandemic. The industry has reached a crucial turning point where the combination of a growth in digital OOH assets, consumers spending more time outside, and negative sentiment towards online targeted advertising, have created huge opportunity for growth in the outdoor advertising industry.

Gone are the days of being confined at home. As life returns to normal, billboard advertising is an important and effective platform to reach real audiences where people work, live, shop and socialize. Marketers are beginning to catch on, too. Research by the CMO shows that investment in traditional advertising is increasing, with 19.8% of US marketers extending their reach in 2022.

According to the OMA, the Out of Home Advertising industry’s net media revenue in Australia increased by 43.7% in Q3 2022, bringing the industry back on par with pre-pandemic figures. That’s an increase of $74.4 million from the same period, Q3, in 2021.

Bishopp is constantly increasing our market share across Australia and New Zealand, with over 2,500 digital, classic and airport advertising opportunities available. After 30 years in the ad business, our team has unparalleled experience, prime billboard locations and the creative flair to ensure your brand is consistently front-of-mind for consumers.

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