Statistics prove Outdoor Media to be #1

The OMA (Outdoor Media Association) has recently released this informative and compelling document outlining the rise and influence of the Out-of-Home Advertising industry and it’s impact on the Australian Economy.

A few key points we’d like to highlight are:

  • Each year, Out-of-Home (OOH) contributes close to $647 million to Australia’s GDP and supports 3,100 jobs

  • Since 2010, OOH audiences have grown by 20.3%, much faster than population growth (13%).3 Digital OOH is supercharging that growth.

  • In 2015, OMA members donated $34 million across 160 charities.

  • OMA’s 32 members operate a gold standard of safe and well-designed signs, which display appropriate advertising content.

  • The majority of OOH media companies, four of which are ASX listed, are Australian owned and operated, with profits going back into the Australian economy and communities.

  • With more than 85,000 panels Australia-wide, OOH advertising can be seen where people live, work and socialise.

Click here to visit the OMA website.