The Importance of Local Salespeople in Regional Areas

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising specializes in regional advertising across Australia. Our success in the industry is largely due to a commitment to providing tailored advertising solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of regional areas. So, why are local salespeople so important for the success of local business’ Out of Home Advertising? Read on to find out!

Bishopp Regional Sales Person

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Bishopp’s local salespeople have a deep understanding of the regional market and can provide valuable insights into the best locations for advertising. They know the local businesses, culture, and consumer habits, which enables them to tailor campaigns to the specific needs of the area. Having local salespeople on the ground means that we can better connect with business’ target audience and make more informed decisions about ad placement.

Building Relationships

Our team have established strong relationships with local communities. They attend local events, meet with business owners, sponsor local initiatives and establish a personal connection with customers. This not only helps to build brand loyalty but also enables salespeople to gather feedback and insights about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Regional areas can have unique challenges that are not present in larger cities, such as limited advertising space, lower foot traffic, or different advertising regulations. Having local salespeople allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the market and make decisions based on local circumstances. This can be especially important in regional areas where the advertising landscape can change rapidly.

Bishopp’s values are built upon a commitment to provide tailored advertising solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of local areas, be it in regional towns or capital cities. Our sales team put their clients and their regions first, as they provide invaluable local knowledge, build relationships and enable adaptability in an ever-changing advertising landscape.

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