The Multichannel Marketing Mix

Advertising plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign, and a combination of out-of-home (OOH), TV and digital advertising can offer numerous benefits. In the modern business landscape, reaching your target audience through multiple advertising channels is more important than ever, as consumers are exposed to an ever-increasing number of ads both online and offline. Using a multichannel marketing mix is integral because brands have to be where their audiences are – driving, walking, watching television or scrolling through social media.

Combining OOH channels

Source: OMA, 2023

Many advertisers are starting to use this three-channel mix, as data shows that a combination of OOH, Digital and TV advertising substantially increases ROI. Read on to learn about the benefits of multichannel marketing.

Expanded Reach

Combining out-of-home advertising, TV and digital advertising can help businesses reach a wider audience. OOH advertising can reach consumers on the move or outside their homes. TV advertising reaches a broad audience, while digital advertising can target specific demographics and interests.  By using all three channels, businesses can create an impactful advertising campaign that can be seen by a diverse group of people.

Better Engagement

Out-of-home advertising creates a strong visual impact, TV advertising creates emotional connections with audiences, and digital advertising offers interactive opportunities. By using all three channels, businesses can increase engagement with their audience. For example, a TV commercial can direct viewers to visit the brand’s website or social media accounts, where they can engage further with the brand. Similarly, OOH advertising can encourage passersby to take action through QR codes or other interactive elements.

Improved Brand Recognition

Using a combination of TV, digital, and OOH advertising can increase brand recognition. TV advertising can create a memorable image or jingle, digital advertising can use targeted messaging, and OOH advertising can use eye-catching graphics. By using all three channels, businesses can create a consistent message that reinforces their brand image and makes it more memorable to potential customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Using a combination of TV, digital, and OOH advertising can be cost-effective for businesses. While TV advertising can be expensive, digital advertising can be more affordable, and OOH advertising can offer a lower cost per impression. By using all three channels, businesses can balance their advertising budget and get the most value for their money.

Measurable Results

Multichannel marketing strategies often offer measurable results, allowing marketers to set measurable performance objectives. Digital advertising offers detailed analytics, TV advertising can be tracked through ratings, and OOH advertising can use footfall data to measure impact. By using all three channels, businesses can gain insights into their advertising campaign’s effectiveness and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

In conclusion, the combination of out-of-home, TV and digital advertising can provide various benefits for businesses. By increasing reach and engagement, improving brand recognition, offering cost-effective advertising, and providing measurable results, businesses can create an effective advertising campaign that can reach a wide audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

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