The Power of Out Of Home Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has long been a powerful tool for marketers to reach consumers on the go, and its impact is only growing in Australia. According to industry reports, Australia’s out-of-home industry saw an increase of 27.6 per cent in net media revenue for 2022, with a reported $1,060.5 million, up from an adjusted figure of $831.1 million for 2021. The increased revenue points to a strengthening sector as OOH advertising expands its reach in the digital age.

Gladstone Digital Billboard

Trusted Advertising – Big Bold and Unmissable

OOH advertising is seen as a trusted advertising, promotion and broadcasting medium simply because it is big, bold and in the public eye. It is simply unmissable! Utilising the advantages of billboard advertising can take your brand, message and sales revenue to new heights, sometimes literally!

Both digital and static roadside signs provide a content feed that doesn’t just exist on a phone or social feed. Instead, it physically exists in the real world, and passersby interact and consume the content as part of their physical space. Biometric research shows that people are 2.5 times more alert when outside the home and 2 times more likely to act.

Powerful & Effective Advertising For Local, Regional & National Campaigns

Bishopp consistently leads the way in effective local, regional and airport advertising for both small and medium-sized businesses. For larger agencies and national brands, our billboard signs offer an expanded reach, increasing brand recognition and providing exposure to audiences when they are most alert.

Our team has provided high-quality, eye-catching outdoor advertising for over 30 years. With various roadside billboards, digital signs and airport advertising options, Bishopp has helped countless businesses across Australia and New Zealand achieve their marketing goals.

One of the keys to Bishopp Billboards’ success is our ability to create engaging and impactful advertising that captures consumers’ attention. Bishopp billboards are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum exposure to potential customers. But it’s not just about location – our design team works closely with clients to create eye-catching visuals and messages that resonate with consumers.

Success Stories With Outdoor Advertising

One client that has seen significant success with Bishopp Billboards is Allenstown Square Meats. This family-owned butcher business in Rockhampton initially invested in one Bishopp billboard at Gracemere and saw a substantial increase in turnover. Encouraged by the results, they decided to invest in a second billboard just south of Rockhampton and turnover skyrocketed. Geoffrey Elliott, the business owner, says, “We are thrilled with the exposure and the results it’s brought to our business and cannot thank Bishopp Billboards enough. Our account manager, Robert, has been truly amazing and very professional to deal with. I recommend to anyone looking to invest in outdoor advertising to talk with Bishopp Billboards first.”

Another example of Bishopp Billboards’ effectiveness is its partnership with Pet Resorts Australia, a leader in pet boarding across New South Wales and Queensland. Bishopp Billboards created a campaign in relevant and prominent locations to target the prospective client base. The campaign was a huge success, increasing sales by more than 20%.

Pet Reports Australia Success Story Bishopp Billboards

The power of out-of-home advertising in Australia is undeniable. At Bishopp, we are proud to be at the forefront of this dynamic industry. As the digitisation of many Billboard assets continues, seeing what innovations and strategies emerge will be exciting as the industry evolves. Want to be part of the Bishopp success story? Please get in contact with our sales team online or by calling (07) 3552 5600 (Australia) or 0800 422 699 (New Zealand).