Understanding Reach and Frequency in OOH

When investing in Out of Home Advertising, understanding how to best reach and engage your target audience is paramount. This brings us to a fundamental question: What’s more critical, reach or frequency? At Bishopp, we understand the nuances of billboard audience measurement and how to strike the right balance between reach and frequency for your advertising campaigns, ensuring they resonate with your unique goals.

Understanding Billboard Reach and Frequency

Reach: Reach refers to the number of unique individuals exposed to your billboard ad during a specific period. It’s about expanding your message to a wide and diverse audience.

Frequency: Frequency, on the other hand, signifies the number of times a person is exposed to your billboard ad within that same period. It’s about reinforcing your message to the same audience, increasing the chances of retention.

The Balancing Act: Reach vs. Frequency

The debate between reach and frequency is an ongoing one. Some argue that reaching as many people as possible (high reach) is essential to maximize brand exposure. Others suggest that repeating your message to the same individuals multiple times (high frequency) is the key to leaving a lasting impression.

At Bishopp, we believe in an approach that balances both reach and frequency. Our expertise lies in strategic billboard placements that optimize reach while ensuring your message isn’t lost in the noise. Our Indooroopilly Digital Supersite (below) is a prime example of a billboard that has both high frequency and reach. Positioned on the Western Freeway, both the A and B face of this billboard capture the attention of thousands of regular commuters on their inbound and outbound commute every day.

Bishopp Indooroopilly Digital Billboard A Face

Indooroopilly Digital, Western Fwy – Site: 406801AD


Bishopp Indooroopilly Digital Billboard B Face - Understanding Reach and Frequency

Indooroopilly Digital, Western Fwy – Site: 406802BD

Our Account Executives live and work within their sales regions, so you can rest assured that they will strategically select billboards in locations that align with your target audience’s daily routes, ensuring your message reaches the right people. Simultaneously, our graphic design team works with our clients to design creative campaigns that will capture attention and leave a lasting impression, increasing brand recall without overwhelming viewers.

With both airport and roadside advertising opportunities across Australia and New Zealand, Bishopp’s billboard inventory reaches people of all demographics where they live, work and travel. Contact us today, and let’s work together to create billboard advertising campaigns that capture attention, engage your audience, and drive meaningful results.