Airport Advertising encourages spending by passengers

Airport advertising has been found to increase passenger spending, a London study finds, with huge percentages reflecting the high-impact that out-of-home advertising can achieve. This is a positive sign for brands advertising to local, national or international travellers at airports around Australia and New Zealand.

This study by the Airport Advertising Media concluded that airport advertising creates a stronger impact among passengers due to a longer dwell time. Dwell time is the amount of time a person spends looking at an advertisement or other communication, actively or passively.

Dwell time and airport advertising encourages spending by travellers

The average total dwell time a passenger spends at a given airport is around 2.5 hours – higher than any other out-of-home environments including rail, roadside vehicle and bus stop. Increasing dwell time brings opportunities for passengers to absorb your message and remember the brand in future, prompting them to think of you first when making that next purchase.

Messaging encouraging retail therapy within the airport space has proven to be effective and it can have direct correlations with specific passenger spending habits:

  • 70% of flyers shop at the airport and are open to sales messaging regarding what to buy
  • An average of 37 minutes is spent whilst shopping in duty free
  • 73% say they always shop at the airport
  • 55% of passengers arrive early to browse in the duty free
  • 70% of passengers do not plan what to buy at airports, but are encouraged to make impulse purchases when prompted
  • 86% of passengers make a purchase in the departure lounge.

Boost your revenue with Airport Advertising

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