How Airport Advertising can help you reach travellers and drive engagement

Airports are undoubtedly the gateway to many of life’s most unforgettable adventures. We travel through airports when holidaying, visiting friends, reuniting with family, or broadening our horizons for business or study purposes. For advertisers, airport communities provide the perfect opportunity to reach consumers when they are most alert. In addition, the nature of the airport environment and the significant dwell time drives the receptiveness of brand messaging.

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Airport Advertising Effectiveness

Airports provide advertisers with exposure to improve brand recognition, build loyalty, connect with new audiences and ultimately increase sales.

Within any airport space, travellers are exposed to a multitude of signage. Directional signs, flight information, food, beverage and retail signs, and billboard advertising are all contextually relevant. The environment is busy and often chaotic, with multiple interruptions influencing the traveller. Many national brands and tourism operators utilise this multi-sensory, multiple interrupt space to supercharge their campaigns. Sometimes an eye-catching image is all you need to generate desire and drive action. Move outdoor statistics show that billboard advertising can increase TV and digital campaigns by 23%. Traditional or digital, billboards continue to captivate audiences when and where they are most receptive.

Why airport advertising is important

Let’s look at the value of using airport advertising by breaking down this environment and the pieces at play.

  • Advertising in a multi-sensory environment

By appealing to multiple senses (or unexpected ones!), brands can create more robust associations with consumers’ emotions and memories. Travellers are primed to receive messaging that mimics their lifestyle and travel choices, which is why airport advertising works so well. 73% of frequent fliers say they take the time to read airport advertising messages.

Airports exist to provide a gateway of transit from one place to another. They are full of sensory experiences. They can be loud, busy and challenging environments to navigate. The senses are awakened as we guide ourselves from place to place. This heightened alertness drives both the attention and memory encoding necessary for advertising impact.

The inputs of sound, sight and smell combine to impact consumers within airports. This multi-sensory environment provides the perfect backdrop for brands to make bold, powerful and visual statements that other ad formats simply can’t match. From digital, moving-image screens to static, larger-than-life posters, Bishopp has a billboard to meet every need.

  • Multiple Interrupts in Advertising

Interruption marketing centres around advertising activity that causes an audience to stop what they are doing, interrupting their attention – such as TV commercials. While marketers try to avoid this style of “annoyance” outdoors, the concept of multiple interrupts at locations such as airports can be the exception to the rule.

The very nature of airports provides the perfect opportunity to deliver contextually relevant messaging. Travellers are compelled to spend considerable time within the airport environment. At check-in, 91% of passengers pay close attention to advertising messaging From arrival at the terminal, waiting in queues for the check-in counter, and remaining close to the gate for boarding, advertisers have the perfect opportunity to interrupt the consumer while passing the time before their flight. More time spent waiting for luggage, connecting flights or transport at the other end of the journey also provides countless opportunities to captivate the audience with your message.

  • Airport Advertising Visibility Factors

The goal of any campaign is to capture attention, generating desire and interest in your service or product. You want to encourage action, and airport advertising is no different. The added benefits of out of home airport advertising visibility concern the physical space and the consumer’s emotional state. Genuinely immersive brand experiences should be executed to connect with travellers’ lifestyle choices. So whether you have your own campaign ready to roll or need our creative services, get ready to make a big impact with access to Bishopp’s 20 domestic airport locations.

The volume of travellers that pass through regional airports in Australia grows annually. Gold Coast Airport, for example, sees 6.4 million travellers annually, with 9 major airlines commuting from destinations like Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Townsville, Wellington, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. In addition, smaller airports such as Rockhampton see 553,000 passengers annually,  travelling to and from destinations like Brisbane and Cairns.

  • Airports Increase Reach and Brand Status

Bishopp Airport Advertising lets your brand connect with engaged audiences like these, ready to consume relevant messaging. An incredible 92% of airport passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status. And with interstate and international travel a must-do for many Australians, you can keep your brand “switched on” at the terminal and reach high-value consumers.

Airport Billboard Advertising

Our domestic and international airport advertising reach provides a platform for national brands, regional and local businesses. We have driven countless successful campaigns in sectors related to aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism, retail, arts and culture (just to name a few).

You can increase advocacy, intrigue and desire with airport billboard campaigns, reaching more significant, high-value audiences when they are alert and receptive to messaging. Bishopp’s eye-catching, attention-grabbing airport advertising is available in all shapes and sizes – throughout Queensland and New Zealand – offering unlimited opportunities for designing effective advertising campaigns. And with 77% of consumers stating that out of home ads make a brand more desirable, what are you waiting for?

Bishopp Airport Advertising

Is your brand ready to adopt airport advertising to drive engagement? Do you want to connect with domestic and international travellers, enhancing your brand experience through lifestyle and travel choices? Contact the team at Bishopp to discuss your next campaign.