Why advertise your brand outdoors in Spring and Summer?

As the warmer weather sets in each year, Australia’s city, coastal and regional areas all come alive with increased activity as people everywhere choose to spend more time outdoors.


More People Are ‘Looking Up’ While Outside

Marketers have known for a while that out-of-home advertising can deliver increased online activity, though it is perhaps less well-known that looking up and out as you walk around outside, can also have positive impacts on your life and can improve how you synchronise with others as you interact with them in the community. The Outdoor Media Association recently launched the third run of its famous ‘Look Up’ campaign, which inspires Australians everywhere to spend less time looking down at their phones as they wander the streets. The campaign has been a roaring success, with compelling results from Dr. Fiona Kerr’s study.

Out-of-Home Effectiveness Continues to Increase

‘Out-of-home media’ (OOH), which at Bishopp includes both our roadside and airport advertising sites, accounts for more than 20% of each person’s total daily media consumption, and a whopping 86% of people say that outdoor advertising really makes brands stand out for them. According to a recent study by Facebook, OOH can be coupled with Facebook advertising to increase the reach of a marketing campaign by more than 15%, which can reap considerable gains for even quite small brands in regional areas of Australia. For this reason and others, the number and types of brands wanting to advertise their products and services on billboards and signs also continues to increase, according to IbisWorld.

Everyone Gets Active, Including International Travellers

Your Customers Spend More Time Outdoors When It’s Warm

It seems like common sense, but there is research to support the idea that more people spend time being active outdoors during the warmer months. There is a sharp increase in the rate of tourists visiting Australia in warmer months, and the number of airport passengers also moves upwards. In fact, you might be surprised to learn some of the traveller numbers in Australian regional airports, such as on the Gold Coast, which sees more than 6.4 million passengers every year. Sites like this present your brand with considerable opportunity to get in front of the right people when they are most relaxed and receptive to your advertising messages.

OOH Advertising Can Both Raise Awareness and Communicate Brand Positioning For Your Business

The best outdoor media campaigns are those that tie-in some of your brand’s essence. So, how do you tell a broader brand story that captures what your business is all about? We recommend leveraging your other brand assets alongside your billboards, including website, social media platforms, email marketing and even your inbound sales team members. By adopting a multi-channel approach to your campaign, as Facebook has reported above, you’ll see better returns from your overall campaign. [For some great creative billboard tips, check this out].

How To Get Started?

If this is your first time considering outdoor advertising, you can learn more about our large network of roadside and airport sites and can even test out our unique billboard locator, which allows you to shortlist sites that interest you. Our friendly Australian team is available to help you choose the best sites and we can design creative for your campaign, so if you’re ready to get started right now with a quote, you can do that here.