New Plymouth Airport Advertising

Located just 11 kilometres from New Plymouth City Centre, the New Plymouth airport serves as the gateway to the stunning Taranaki region. The airport’s new provincial terminal, which opened in 2020 and cost $28.7 million, won international acclaim for its impressive exterior design at the Prix Versailles awards. More than 425,000 travellers are drawn to the region by its friendly community, picturesque surroundings and unique adventures.

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Advertising at the New Plymouth airport can benefit businesses looking to promote their products or services and increase brand recognition. Here are some of the advantages of advertising at the airport:

  • High visibility: The airport is a busy hub for travellers, meaning that advertising at the airport can increase your brand’s visibility and exposure. Passengers waiting for flights or passing through the airport will have ample time to view your advertisements, which can help to raise brand awareness and drive sales. Bishopp has 37 bespoke, classic and digital assets within the airport to suit the needs and budgets of businesses like yours.
  • Targeted audience: Airport advertising allows you to reach a specific target audience of frequent travellers who are often affluent, tech-savvy, and business-oriented. These travellers are likely to have disposable income, making them an attractive demographic for businesses looking to target high-value customers.
  • Long dwell time: Passengers often have to arrive at the airport hours before their flight, meaning they spend significant time waiting. This provides an opportunity for businesses to capture their attention with engaging and impactful advertising, helping to create a lasting impression.
  • Enhanced credibility: Advertising at the airport can strengthen the credibility of your brand by associating it with the authority and trustworthiness of the airport. This helps build brand loyalty and trust among customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.
  • Increased reach: The New Plymouth airport attracts travellers from around New Zealand and internationally, providing a platform for businesses to reach a broader audience. This can increase the reach of your advertising and build brand awareness beyond your local market.

Advertising at the New Plymouth airport can be an effective way to reach a targeted audience, enhance brand credibility, and drive sales. Contact our sales team on 0800 422 699 to learn more about New Plymouth Airport Advertising.

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